About Alliance Health

Alliance Health is an innovative technology company whose mission is to improve health outcomes, lower costs and foster a more consumer-centric healthcare industry. We own and operate the internet's largest group of condition-specific social communities serving over 1.5 million registered members across a broad set of chronic health conditions. Each site leverages social and mobile elements to empower patients and caregivers with connections to supportive peers, personalized information, and relevant products and services. We also offer access to affordable prescription medications, either home-delivered, or through our pharmacy network.

Social Encouragement Means Better Health

At Alliance Health, we believe that better health outcomes can be affected through social connections. And more than 1.5 million registered members seem to agree with us.

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Better Access to Medications Makes People More Healthy

We believe that access to the right prescription medications, at the right time, can have a positive impact on the health of chronic condition patients.

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Patient-Centric Products & Services are the Missing Link

Superior products and services, together with outstanding customer service, is what is missing from our healthcare system today.

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Executive Leadership

With an elite group of executive talent, Alliance Health is poised to be the leader in the digital health market for years to come.

Jeff Smith CEO

Jeff means business - he's received several awards, including multiple Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship awards and the 2014 CEO of the Year from Utah Business Magazine. Under his leadership, Alliance Health has been showcased in the INC.500 and When Work Works awards from the Sloan Family Foundation, as well as several others. Jeff is a visionary leader with a track record of identifying gaps in service and filling those gaps with exceptional customer service and outstanding products. Prior to founding Alliance, Jeff held key positions with Proctor & Gamble, Toshiba and Megahertz Corporation.

Justin Leavitt CFO

Justin has been with Alliance for more than nine years and brings a wealth of management knowledge in accounting, finance, analytics, warehouse and human resource functions. He has also been instrumental in obtaining and securing both debt and institutional equity investment relationships for the company. While at Alliance, Justin has played a key role in leading the company through two acquisitions and has been instrumental in the company’s growth and success. Prior to joining Alliance Health, Justin was CFO for Farnes Enterprises and held key positions at Flying J and Saddleman, Inc.

Keith Brown CIO

As CIO of Alliance Health, Keith leads the team responsible for all information technology and technical development services. He is an experienced IT leader skilled in the design, development and operations of enterprise services including ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Web Services and Content Management with a focus on Healthcare. Previous to joining Alliance, Keith served in technology leadership positions at Fusion-io, Aflac Insurance, Amgen and GlaxoSmithKline.

Blaine Smith CRO

Blaine is an accomplished executive in sales and sales operations with a consistent history of success within the OTC and RX healthcare industries. He has demonstrated an ability to set strategic vision and drive revenue performance year-over-year. Blaine retains a strong track record of building and scaling inside and outside sales organizations and has a history of consistently meeting targeted revenue goals. Prior to Alliance Health, Blaine held several key positions with Proctor & Gamble, Wyeth Healthcare (acquired by Pfizer) and Beiersdorf USA.

Robb Lifferth VP Human Resources

With a diverse background in human resources, Robb brings some serious skills to the table when it comes to talent acquisition and performance management. He’s an experienced HR veteran who has supported companies with more than 800 employees. With experience in maximizing engagement and ROI, he’s also assisted in multiple successful company acquisitions as well as large-scale international expansion. Robb is passionate about promoting a nimble work environment via HR initiatives, and is a valuable asset to the Alliance team.

David Grant General Counsel

With a solid background in legal healthcare issues, David brings serious gravitas to the executive suite. He's successfully started an institutional pharmacy, and managed the acquisition of both a long term care & rehab facility and a 300+ bed acute care hospital. David knows healthcare law. Now as our in house general counsel, he's set to help guide Alliance Health through the next growth stages and navigate the tricky regulatory environment in which we work. He's in charge of legal issues, compliance, acquisitions, and strategic counsel.

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