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On behalf of our associated pharmacies, we work with each member’s insurance provider to ensure that you’re receiving insurance-preferred medications at

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the lowest co-pay possible. Your insurance co-pay plan determines your billing amount. If cost is too high, we’re available to help research financial assistance programs. We accept a wide range of insurance plans. Alliance Health’s network of associated pharmacies also has an affordable cash pay program that anyone can join. Give us a call to see if you qualify: 866-227-5295.


Your pharmacy sends deliveries based on your doctor’s recommendation for testing. If you’re receiving too many supplies, we can put you on

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a schedule that makes more sense for your testing needs. Call our customer care team and we’ll improve your experience: 866-227-5295.

Phone calls

You provided your contact information and permission via an online meter or medication. Email us if you wish to have your name removed from

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our call list.


Alliance Health has been alerted by a job forum on of a broad-based employment hoax.

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All contact regarding employment opportunities will be through an email address. Never Yahoo, Gmail or anything else.

We never conduct interviews online or via messenger — unless you request it.

We never require you to purchase equipment or software prior to employment.


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