The idea for Alliance Health started after a hard-fought battle with insurance to get coverage for my premature newborn who was fighting for her life in a NICU. I hung up after a bizarre conversation about the “birthday rule” and how the insurance we had used was not the primary insurer. After breaking through and resolving that matter, I realized there were 5 others behind it. In fact, it seemed like the process for actually resolving the issues was intentionally difficult. Over the years and many discussions, I’ve learned that the insurance and health care providers prey on the information asymmetry between consumers and the health care industry to reduce claim payments.

This site is our contribution to those who have had to be the situation of fighting for their or a loved one’s health while also dealing with the fear of the financial impact of illness. We want to provide smart information and tools that will help everyone become a better healthcare consumer and avoid having to make choices between finances and health.

The Alliance Health team.